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  1. Nifa Sellors 05/01/2018 @ 20:04

    To whom this may concern,

    I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions? I am currently studying psychology with a keen interest to work with children with physical and mental disabilities. I have been given an assignment in which we have to write about a psychiatric disorder, chronic illness or neurological disorder. I have chosen to write about Cognitive Developmental Delay (GDD) as I worked with a couple of children on the Stay and Play programme over the summer and wanted to learn more about it. Our tutors have advised to contact external agencies for information to include in the essay.

    I had a few questions about the disorder and wondered if you could help to answer them? I have written the questions below:

    1. How do you think GDD impacts the quality of life in those with the condition and their families?
    2. Do you use any psychological treatments, methods or therapies with the sufferer (for example in school) or family members? And if so, which ones do you use and how?
    3. Do you think this condition impacts a person’s social interactions? If so, how?
    4. Are there any effective programs in place for those with GDD?
    5. How does GDD affect a person’s future role in society?
    6. Any other information you have on GDD would be appreciated ! ????

    Also, if you knew of any psychologists/doctors that work with your children/adults which have CDD do you have any contact details?

    Thank you so much. Hope you can help!

    Happy new year,


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