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June 2017

Minister for Health, Care and Justice, the Hon. Neil F. Costa MP said: “I am delighted to launch the revamped GHA website. This is the latest innovation in a series of measures introduced in recent months to make the health service more user friendly and to improve and enhance communication between the community and the GHA.

The new website is packed with a wealth of material and data about the important work the GHA carries out and the many services that we provide to the people of Gibraltar.

It is another example of the culture of service and transparency that resides at the core of the GHA, which reflects our ever present ambition and political commitment to deliver a first class, modern, safe and compassionate health service, of which Gibraltar can be proud.

“We are confident that the website will be used by many to obtain up-to-date information, to make enquiries and to use the online resources available, such as online patient cancellations, as a convenient means to interact quickly and effectively with the GHA.

If you have any suggestions as to the website, or, indeed, any GHA service, do please call me on 20007011 or write to me at: [email protected]

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