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July 2019

Phased Opening of the new Children’s Health Centre – Our Promise to you.

We will deliver a Children’s Health Centre which is far more than a Primary Care Centre for children with the co-location and seamless flow of all children’s health services across primary and secondary care.


We aim to deliver our services in a safe, secure, and phased manner, initially prioritising service availability to the most vulnerable among us; namely, the children and families with disabilities and additional needs, as well as those with chronic and complex medical conditions.  All of this with a view to becoming fully available to all children in Gibraltar by the beginning of September.

Phase 1 – 17 July 2019


This phase will be the move from the existing Primary Care Centre to the new site, and the setting up and induction of new services and new staff.


Primary Care

  • Child Health Clinics – Postnatal care, Hearing screens, 6-8 week baby checks, 2 ½ year old checks, Vaccinations.
  • Paediatric Physiotherapy.
  • Paediatric Occupational Therapy.
  • Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy.
  • Paediatric Dietician.
  • Paediatric Diabetes Specialist Nurse Clinics.

Secondary Care

  • Gibraltar Young Minds (GYM).

Staff Induction Programme

  • Induction and transition period for Specialist GPs with an Expressed Interest in Paediatrics.

Phase 2 – 12 August 2019


This phase will be the implementation and consolidation of our essential and existing Children’s services.


Primary Care

  • Children’s Dental Clinics.
  • Occupational Therapy Sensory Room.


Phase 3 – 4 September 2019 

New specialist clinics and services, and the start of our plan to integrate primary and secondary care in to comprehensive and multidisciplinary teams.


Primary Care

  • Specialist GP service for Chronic or Complex medical needs, for children with additional needs, and to work closely with the Consultant Paediatric Service.
  • Nurse Practitioner Specialty Clinics, such as Asthma clinics.
  • Community Midwifery.
  • Child Protection/Looked-After-Children Medical assessments/reviews.

Secondary Care

  • A New Transition/Adolescent Service for those children who are between Paediatric and Adult services.
  • Consultant Paediatric service for all children with complex and chronic health needs.
  • Visiting Specialist Consultant Clinics.

Support services:

  • Paediatric phlebotomy
  • Play Therapy

It is important to note that patients should continue to attend the existing PCC at the International Commercial Centre.  For phases 1 and 2, attendances at the Children’s Health Centre at Europort will be by appointment only.

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