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Eight nursing students from the School of Health Studies have completed their three-year programme of study, concluding with the award of Registered Nurse as well a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Adult Nursing. The eight students have undertaken their degree in Gibraltar. The degree is awarded by St George’s University of London and Kingston University London and they will be eligible to register locally with the Nurses, Midwives, Health Visitor Registration Board Gibraltar.

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It has come to the attention of the GHA that a post, which includes a photograph of an elderly gentleman at Mount Alvernia residential home, has been posted on Facebook.

Although the GHA does not comment on specific cases on social media, we feel that in the interests of transparency, it is important, exceptionally, to respond generally in terms of protocols followed when care plans are devised for individuals.

On occasions where an in-patient is medically discharged, and requires on-going care, GHA officials meet with authorised family members to discuss options and ascertain the most suitable environment, in the best interest of each individual patient. We would like to remind the public that SBH is an acute hospital setting and patients medically fit for discharge are either discharged to their former home environment, with packages of care where necessary, or to a residential care home.

Detailed clinical and social care assessments assist officials in determining the best way forward. Packages of care, for care at home, may be considered in cases when deemed appropriate, whereas ERS residential homes such as Mount Alvernia, John Mackintosh Home and Hillsides Residential Home are considered when residential care is necessary. All medically discharged patients, who are transferred to residential care, are done so following written consent and a further and second assessment is completed by the ERS team to determine were to assign the patient according to their specific care needs.   Patients who are discharged from St Bernard’s Hospital, living with dementia, also make use of the Bella Vista Day Centre, in cases where clinicians feel they would benefit from these services.

We would urge any patients or family members to use the appropriate, established pathways to highlight any concerns. For inpatients, concerns should first be directed to the ward sister/charge nurse. Most concerns will be resolved at this stage.  However, where appropriate, concerns will be escalated by the ward team to the Clinical Nurse Manager on duty.

Delivering high quality community healthcare often involves collaboration with other Government Departments. Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar and the Gibraltar Health Authority are extremely pleased to announce that a General Practitioner with Special Interests will be starting work at Bruce’s Farm from 30 May 2018. Dr Chimene Taylor is a highly experienced and well trained local GP, who has recently returned to Gibraltar. She has Royal College of General Practitioners training in alcohol and substance misuse, which is the highest level of recommended UK qualification for a GP working in substance misuse management.

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 No: 317/2018 Date: 30th May 2018


The Ministry for Health, Care and Justice and the Gibraltar Health Authority wish to remind the public that the next key service in a series of extensive reforms to the Primary Care Centre (PCC) and to accessibility to GP appointments has commenced.

As of 21 May 2018, evening GP clinics started in the PCC. Two new highly experienced part time GPs have been recruited to provide this long anticipated and much requested service. Evening Clinics will run from 5pm with the last appointment finishing at 8pm to allow access for those who need to be seen on the day or who may become unwell later in the day. To support these clinics, three new GHA clerks have also been recruited. The format of the evening clinics will be similar to the already familiar weekend emergency clinics with 25 appointments. The appointments will be released from 4.30pm on the day, and the clinics will run every evening from Monday to Friday.

The GHA would like to remind the public of the Automated Telephone Service. Automated service update forms, used to record patient’s contact details, may be obtained at the PCC or can be found on the GHA Website. Further information on using this service may be sought at the PCC counter, or via the GHA website at https://www.gha.gi/mygha/

Dr Krishna Rawal, Deputy Medical Director said, “One of the key points of feedback is for primary care services to offer evening clinic appointments. We are very privileged to be able to offer this first-rate service, which not only demonstrates how seriously we take the views of our service users, but also shows that Primary Care as a department, listens and works closely with other departments; in this case the Accident and Emergency department, which experience high attendance and demand in the early evenings. Working closely with the Ministry for Health, we have undergone a series of extensive and impressive reforms to better serve our community, and we shall continue to work to identify areas where improvements can be achieved.”

Minister for Health, Care and Justice, the Honourable Neil F. Costa said, “It is my intention to continually challenge and enhance services to provide the best possible access to our GPs and Nurse Practitioners, while at the same time ensuring that the core of excellent family practice is protected. My sincere thanks, once again, goes to every member of the primary care team who have embraced and delivered another high quality and very much appreciated additional service.”


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