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Breast Screening Services

The breast screening program in Gibraltar started in January 2011.

The first round was completed in autumn 2013. Based on recent Europeans reviews, our local audit of the Gibraltar Breast Screening program and recommendation from NHS Breast Screening National Training centre, King’s College London, UK (centre contracted by the GHA to double report all screening mammograms performed in Gibraltar), a change of target age and interval in Gibraltar Breast Screening Program has been introduced commencing January 2014. For more information please contact the Breast Screening Support group by either visiting their website www.breastcancergib.org or contacting them on +350 58008944.

Breast screening invitations will be given to women the ages 40-70, all at 2 yearly intervals.

Women requiring annual mammography due to their strong family history of breast cancer will be identified and assessed following NICE UK guidelines in a separate Breast Cancer Family History Clinic run by Radiology Department.

We would like to urge ladies in the 40-70 age group who have not received an invitation to attend the Radiology Department in order to be included in the Breast Screening Programme.

Symptomatic Breast Clinic
In conjunction with the Surgical Out Patients Department, a weekly one-stop Breast Clinic is provided. Women with breast symptoms are referred to the clinic, where they are examined by the surgeons and then referred to Radiology for the appropriate imaging assessment. 19 cancers were diagnosed through this clinic in 2011.

A third Radiologist, specialising in Breast Radiology, is employed to provide additional assessments by other imaging modalities or biopsies as a result of findings from breast screening. The Radiologist also receives referrals from the Symptomatic Breast Clinic.