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Information Leaflets

Below you can view or download various information leaflets by department or specialty.

Primary Care Appointments
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PDF Icon Small  A&E Patient Information Triage

Ambulance Services

PDF Icon Small  Ambulance – How to prepare for an emergency

PDF Icon Small  Ambulance – summer campaign

Breast Cancer Services

The GHA Breast Cancer Service

The GHA Breast Clinic Service – What to expect at your breast clinic

Breast Cancer Discharge from routine


 COVID-19 Vaccination Young People (16-18yr olds)


PDF Icon Small Retainers Leaflet

Infection Control & Immunisation

PDF Icon Small Infection Control – Whooping Cough Facts- 2012

PDF Icon Small Infection Control – Norovirus Triptych

PDF Icon Small Infection Control – MRSA a simple guide

PDF Icon Small Infection Control – MMR Triptych

PDF Icon Small Infection Control – ESBL Factsheet – HPA

PDF Icon Small Infection Control – C diff factsheet


New* Visting Maternity during a pandemic

PDF Icon Small Birth Registration Leaflet
PDF Icon Small Call The Midwife Leaflet
PDF Icon Small Care of The Perineum
PDF Icon Small Discharge Booklet
PDF Icon Small Excercise Leaflet
PDF Icon Small Jaundice and Your Baby
PDF Icon Small Newborn Blood Spot
PDF Icon Small Pain Relief In Labour
PDF Icon Small Pelvic Floor Exercises for Women
PDF Icon Small Pregnancy Related PGP For Mothers to be and New Mothers
PDF Icon Small Referral to Dr Salamanca

Early Pregnancy Unit Forms

PDF Icon SmallSurgical Management of a Miscarriage

PDF Icon SmallMedical Management of a Miscarriage

PDF Icon SmallGHA Pregnacy problems and Miscarriage

PDF Icon SmallExpectant of Management of a Miscarriage

Nutrition & Dietetics

PDF Icon Small Nutrition -HeartHealth

PDF Icon Small Nutrition -Wellbeing at work

PDF Icon Small Nutrition -HealthyEating

PDF Icon Small Nutrition -HEALTHY

PDF Icon Small Nutrition -Healthy eating for diabetes – a starting point

PDF Icon Small Nutrition – Cholesterol lowering – a starting point

PDF Icon SmallNutrition -Cholesterol

Out Patient Clinics

PDF Icon Small Out Patients – Upper GI

PDF Icon Small Out Patients – Flexy

PDF Icon Small Out Patients – colonoscopy


PDF Icon Small Clean Teeth
PDF Icon Small First visit to the orthodontist
PDF Icon Small Fixed
PDF Icon Small Functional Braces
PDF Icon Small Removable Brace
PDF Icon Small What are the risks of orthodontics


PDF Icon Small Screening – GHA Factsheet for Breast Cancer Screening

Sponsored Patients

PDF Icon SmallComing to London for Medical Treatment and staying in Calpe House


PDF Icon Small Surgery – GHA Out Patient Day Surgery Leaflet

PDF Icon Small  Surgery – GHA In Patient Surgery Leaflet

PDF Icon Small  Surgery – Day Surgery Unit Instructions for Patients who have had a General Anaesthetic

Well Being

Healthy Men Information Leaflet

Well Person Clinic Leaflets

Well Person Clinic General Information

Combined pill (COCP)
Contraceptive Implant
Contraceptive Injections
Contraceptive Vaginal Ring
Emergency Contraception
Gential Warts
Intrauterine Device (IUD)
Intrauterine System (IUS)
Molluscum contagiosum
Non-Gonoccocal Urethritis (NGU)
  Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
  Progestogen only Pill (POP)
  Trichomonas Vaginalis (TV)
  Bacterial Vaginosis