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New Repeat Prescription Service For The Primary Care Centre

The Gibraltar Health Authority has today implemented a new repeat prescription service at the Primary Care Centre. This new system will allow patients to request a repeat prescription of their regular medications without necessarily having to book a further appointment with a GP.

Patients will be able to present their final prescription to the Repeat Prescription Desk at the Main Counter of the PCC and request further medications. Repeat prescriptions will be ready for collection 48-72 hours later. In the event that a patient’s GP wishes to see him/her before issuing a prescription, the desk clerk will immediately book the next available appointment.

Information leaflets to fully explain the new service will be available from the PCC Main Counter.

This new initiative is the start of an overall comprehensive review of primary care services by clinicians to provide better patient choice, more appointment availability and a more streamlined service for all. Although it is not yet possible to predict how many appointment slots will be freed up by the move, this figure will become available once the scheme has been running a few months.

Minister for Health, Care and Justice, Neil Costa, welcomed the initiative to review the repeat prescription service at the Primary Care Centre

Mr Costa said: “The Ministry for Health, in full consultation with GHA’s clinicians, is always looking at new ways to make the system at the Primary Care Centre more efficient and user-friendly. Clinicians in lead positions, my Ministry staff and I have been working behind the scenes, exploring all the different ways to cut waiting times for patients to see their GPs. We are currently working on other reforms to ensure that the service to the public is as streamlined as possible. I look forward to making announcements in due course as we become ready to implement our improvements. I am delighted to introduce this new repeat prescription service, where members of our community, who do not necessarily need to book an appointment, can be adequately catered for and in a timely manner.”

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