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Patient Administration Services


  1. Clark Russell 15/09/2020 @ 14:16

    Who and how do I advise of a correction to my telephone number?

  2. David wilson 06/01/2021 @ 13:51

    My Dob is 220274, I have an appointment at xanit on the 20th jan 2020 for spinal surgery with Dr lopez, who do I need to contact to discuss my schedule and give the gha a copy of my clinic report from Dr lopez..

  3. Denise Licudi 26/02/2021 @ 14:32


    I have recently had day surgery and have Simply Health/HSA claim form. Where can I take this to be stamped and signed to confirm my appointments to be able to make my claim.


  4. Jon michael ryan 02/03/2022 @ 02:14

    To whom and how; do I contact to get a copy of my medical records please ??
    Kind regards jon

  5. John Joseph Sampere 18/03/2022 @ 20:26

    Please provide me with a copy of the barium test report done on Monday 28th of Feb 2022, together with copy of scans taken. Also copy of fiberscope test carried out some time ago in Gibraltar by a UK specialist, in the presence of Dr. Maskell.

    John Sampere

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