“Keeping your health at the centre of what we do”

Patient Advocacy and Liaison Service

What is the Patient Advocacy and Liaison Service (PALS)?

The aim of the Patient Advocacy & Liaison Service is to offer confidential advice, support and information on health-related matters and provide a point of contact for patients and service users of the Gibraltar Health Authority. This is a new pilot service provided by the GHA.

The PALS provides help in many ways. For example, it can:

• help with health service-related questions (not medical)
• help resolve concerns or problems when using or accessing the GHA

PALS can provide service users and patients information about:

• the GHA in general, services, departments, locations, contacts, etc.
•  the GHA Complaints Procedure
• support groups outside the GHA
• information on department or service activities

The Patient Advocacy and Liaison Service also helps to improve the GHA by listening to service user concerns and suggestions.
The Patient Advocacy and Liaison Service will be a point of contact for patients, their families and carer’s and liaises closely with GHA staff to help service users with any questions or concerns they have about their care.

What can the Patient Advocacy and Liaison Service do for you?

  • giving advice to answer concerns about services or care
  • liaising with staff, managers, departments and wards to find ways to solve problems
  • helping distressed patients understand the GHA complaints procedure and how to make a complaint if they are not satisfied
  • managing a caseload of queries and informal complaints
  • telling patients and the public about how they can get access GHA services
  • listening to patients’ concerns, suggestions and experiences and raising these with people who manage services
  • convey comments and suggestions on improving our services to the relevant manager.
  • providing information about how to get assistance from other government departments, agencies and authorities

What the Patient Advocacy and Liaison Service cannot do for you.

  • The office cannot provide a counselling service
  • The office cannot provide medical information or medical diagnosis
  • The office cannot change or affect a medical decision already made
  • The office cannot investigate formal complaints but will provide support and assistance on the process to make a formal complaint.

Counter Hours – 9am to 3:00pm Mon – Friday.

Telephone and Voicemail: + 350 20072266 Ext 2790 or 2791 

Email: [email protected] 

The Office will be closed on Public Holidays and weekends.