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Dudley Toomey Surgical Ward

Dudley Toomey Ward
(Elective Surgical & Emergency Surgical Admissions)

30 Bed Ward.

Unit layout & bed distribution:

The ward is divided into 3 clinical areas, these are:
The Red Zone- composed of 6 beds for arthroplasty (pre & post op), HD or patients of clinical concern who require closer observation.

This is further divided into 2 single rooms with an en suite and a 4-bed multi bay.

The Blue & Green Zones- both are situated on the flanks of the Red Zone and have a total capacity of 12 beds each (24 Total).

The Blue & Green Zones are each sub-divided into:

a). X1 single room with an on-suite.
b). X3 single rooms.
c). X2 multi bays with an on- suite (3 beds in each).
d). X1 multi bay (2 beds).

Admission criteria:

All adults (16 years and above) of mixed gender who are surgical cases of the following speciality:

a)General Surgery.
f)Plastic Surgery.
g)Head Injuries & Burns (only when Consultant general surgeon is on-call).
h)Orthopaedics & trauma.

Visiting Times:

Daily: 17:45 to 19:45
Only 2 visitors per patient.
Children under 12 years of age are not allowed.
Visiting is at the discretion of the Ward Manager on duty.