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John Mackintosh General Medical Ward

John Mackintosh Ward.
Acute Medical Mixed Gender

30 Bed Wards.

Unit layout & bed distribution:

The ward is divided into 3 clinical areas, these are:
The isolation area, which consists of 2 isolation bays, which incorporate an
en suite and controllable air conditioning.
The Red & Blue Zones are sited to the flanks of the isolation bays and have
a total capacity of 14 beds each (combined total of 28).

These zones are further sub-divided into:

a). X1 single room with an on-suite.
b). X3 single rooms.
c). X1 4 bed multi-bay.
d). X2 3 bed multi-bays.

Admission Criteria:

All adults (above 16 years) of mixed gender who are of the following

a). Acute medical.
b). Any acute medical/surgical patient who requires isolation as advised and
in consultation with the Infection Control advisor.

The Isolation Bays on both wards are to be utilised primarily for infection
control cases of any speciality, after consultation with the Infection
Control Adviser who is instrumental in the allocation of this resource.

These beds are only to be used for non-infectious cases when no other acute
adult bed is available on either the Medical or Surgical Wards and after
consultation with the Bed Manager (or designated deputy).

Any other speciality (Surgical male/female) must be cleared first by the Bed
Manager (or designated deputy).

Visiting Times:

Daily: 17:45 to 19:45
Only 2 visitors per patient.
Children under 12 years of age are not allowed.
Visiting is at the discretion of the Ward Manager on duty.