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  1. Catherine Hughes 30/07/2018 @ 11:50

    My daughter has worked in Gibraltar for the past 8 years; as such, I am a regular visitor here. She lives in La Linea but works full time in Gibraltar.
    I have a UK Passport and EHIC card and recently needed medical advice. I am staying with my daughter for one month and as in previous medical emergencies, I went to ICC to try to access medical advice.
    I was told by a woman who was working at the reception that I was not entitled to see a GHA Doctor as I ‘do not have a Gibraltar address. I explained that I have never had such issues previously and was quite rudely told, I should not have been seen by the doctors at ICC and I should either pay for a private consultation or go to Spain. I am a UK citizen visiting my child and am disabled in receipt of DLA and ESA, therefore cannot afford private consultation. I believe I was misinformed about being able to medical care in Gibraltar, as I understood the UK and Gib have an agreement that patients entitled to NHS care visiting Gib, can access emergency medical care/advice? I have still not been able to access medical help one week later and would like clarification please. This woman’s manner is potentially dangerous to UK visitors in need of medical care, but being rudely denied.. I was extremely disheartened not to mention, embarrassed by this woman, as she spoke very audibly in front of a room full of other patients, with little discretion or integrity in turning me away.

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