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Primary Care Services

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  1. Rosa 04/11/2020 @ 14:02

    First of all I would like to express my feelings about the service given to the public when it comes to departments at the hospital not picking up the telephone leaving the caller online for over an hour waiting to be attended.
    Secondly, I find it extremely rude when the switchboard operator doesn’t give the caller the opportunity to even explain what difficulty the caller is experiencing when it comes to getting through to a department.
    I am trying to apply for a medical card for one of my work colleagues without success because nobody picks up the telephone, as I write this message, I am holding on waiting for the primary care department to answer my call, the telephone has been ringing for the past 22 minutes, yesterday I had to wait for over an hour. I cannot apply online as I cannot find the appropriate forms and information.
    I would be extremely grateful if somebody came back to me and explain whats going on.
    This is shocking

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