“Keeping your health at the centre of what we do”

Health Promotion Unit

The Health Promotion Officers work within the health service and have a pivotal role in the delivery of health education to the people of Gibraltar.

The unit works with public and private organisations to ensure the implementation of identified health and social policy directives. The unit adopts a partnership approach across all sectors with the aim of inciting positive health behaviour.

The Health Promotion Officers work mainly, although not exclusively, with professionals in the health service, education, community, and the voluntary sector.

Core Functions

The unit provides a range of services some of which include:

Contribution to the development and implementation of strategies and policies which impact on health.

  • Training
  • Health education and awareness
  • Developing resources
  • Acting as a facilitator, enabler and advocate with communities and/or particular interest groups.
  • Monitoring the trajectory of global health
  • Initiation, management and evaluation of specific health projects.
  • The Health promotion unit provides advice and information, resources and practical support to anyone involved in health promotion activity.

The Health Promotion Department also maintain a comprehensive website, with links to social media – www.healthygibraltar.org