“Keeping your health at the centre of what we do”

Infection Prevention & Control

The Infection Prevention & Control Department comprises of two infection control nurses who offer a 24/7 on call service for advice to both GHA staff and public alike. Main responsibilities are:

• Monitoring of healthcare acquired infections through audit and surveillance.

• Training and education of GHA personnel and other non-governmental agencies in infection prevention & control.

• Development of policies and protocols in Infection Prevention & Control, using evidence based practice guidelines. • Outbreak management and contact tracing, for communicable disease control such as in cases of Norovirus, Swine Flu, TB etc..

• Providing advice and public health education on infection prevention issues such as hand hygiene and sexually transmitted infections.

• Liase with environmental agencies in some cases of food outbreaks or contact tracing. Professional responsibility lies with both the Director of Nursing Services and the Director of Public Health.