“Keeping your health at the centre of what we do”

Public Health Department

The Director of Public Health is responsible for the co-ordination and provision of all aspects of public health in Gibraltar.

These include:

·         Prevention of Infectious Diseases

·         Implementation of infection control policies

·         Control of outbreaks

·         Health Promotion and Health Education of the public

·         Cancer Registration

·         Epidemiology and collecting data on health

·         Assessing health needs

·         Co-ordinating medical response to major incidents

·         Public Health laws

·         Immunisation policy and vaccination programmes

·         Population based Screening programmes

·         Leading on the regulation of a number of healthcare professions



In 2008, the Gibraltar Health Authority carried out a Health & Lifestyle Survey of the local adult population.

The Survey was aimed at understanding the levels of perceived health in the resident adult population and to study its health-modifying lifestyles, such as eating habits, drinking, smoking, exercise, etc.

The Survey was designed, managed and analysed by the GHA Public Health department, supported by two local commercial firms.

For the survey, we randomly selected 725 persons over 18 years of age who were resident in Gibraltar and sent trained surveyors to administer questionnaires at their homes. In total, 406 adults responded. No identity details were recorded.

Although the findings of a sample-based survey can never be delivered with absolute certainty, it was found that the 3% sample was strongly representative of local people, and when taken with the high response achieved (55%), this means that the findings of the Survey can confidently be used to predict the behaviour of the whole population.

Over 28,000 pieces of information were analysed to produce the findings of the Survey. Its results are revealing, fascinating, affirming and sometimes even shocking.

For example :

  • 60% of the Gibraltar population (3 out of every 5) are Overweight or Obese.
  • 29% of the population are current smokers, more than in the UK.
  • The proportion of people who exercise intensively decreases steadily with age.

For those interested in learning more about the findings of the survey, the report can be downloaded on the link below.

Health & Lifestyle Survey 2015