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Operating Theatres

St. Bernards Hospital has three main operating theatres and one day surgery theatre.

The Day Surgery Unit is used for procedures that do not require lengthy recovery times or overnight stay. The use of this facility provides a more effective operating time and fewer cancellations of cases plus the benefit of freeing up more beds within the wards.

The Andrew Correa Operating Theatres are fully equipped to operate on a 24/7 basis and perfrom a wide range of surgical procedures. Operating lists are dedicated to elective, trauma and emergency surgical cases every day.

Some of the procedures carried out include; hip and knee replacements, fractures, maxillofacial, throscopy, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, epidurals, cystoscopy etc.

All theatre activities are supported by a Central Sterilisation Supply Department (CSSD/TSSU) that is responsible for the provision of all supplies and equipment required by the Operating Theatres.

Anaesthetist’s are on site to support the surgical team and can respond appropriately to sudden changes or in emergency situations.

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