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The Gibraltar Ambulance Service operates a pre-hospital framework, in principle, similar to that found in the United Kingdom;

composed of Ambulance Care Assistants, Ambulance Technicians and HCPC registered Paramedics providing basic, intermediate and advanced life support respectively.

All clinical Ambulance personnel are provided with the opportunity to volunteer for specialist training that affords them the necessary knowledge and skills to attend patients in challenging environments. Maritime, Attendance and Retrieval is one such speciality, where clinicians attend seafarers and seamen out at sea and if necessary use their specialised skills to package, extricate and disembark patients before ferrying them to hospital.

The Emergency Ambulance also works very closely with other Blue light services and the Gibraltar Port Authority.

In 2016 A&E Ambulance’s responded to 5754 calls and there were 5182 transported to Spanish Hospitals.

Ambulance Care Assistant’s drive transport Ambulances and High Dependancy Units across the border between St Bernard’s hospitals (SBH) and Spanish hospitals/clinics and locally between SBH/clinics for planned appointments and treatments. They also use their advanced driving skills to respond to medical emergencies when supporting the Emergency Ambulance wing of the service and working beside Emergency Medical Technician’s (EMT) and Registered Paramedics.

Ambulance Technicians perform patient assessment and then using their medical knowledge select and apply the appropriate patient best-care procedures in accordance with the current Joint Royal Colleges Ambulance Liaisons Committee (JRCALC) and the clinical practice guidelines of the Gibraltar Ambulance Service and GHA policies and procedures. They will also transport patients to hospital and continue to provide treatment while in transit

Paramedics are health professional registered in UK under the HCPC. The Gibraltar Ambulance Service currently employs four paramedics to respond to 190 calls. Typical duties include assessing patients, providing emergency treatment and making diagnoses, monitoring and administering medication, pain relief and intravenous infusions, reading ECG’s and using specialist equipment including ventilators and manual defibrillators.

Both Ambulance Technician and Paramedic complete and maintain a full and accurate clinical record for all patients, with particular emphasis on patient observations, treatment given and drug administration in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Acts.

All ambulance personnel carry out twice daily vehicle inspections to ensure fleet ambulances and the paramedic response vehicle are roadworthy and properly equipped to transport patients safely and/or respond to any type of emergency.

Call 190 for an Emergency Ambulance.

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