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Hospital Pharmacy

In 2011, expenditure on drugs and pharmaceuticals that were dispensed in hospital increased by approximately 5%, to £3 million. Apart from yearly increase in cost and demand, additional demand was due to increased supply to the prison, and the introduction of the smoking cessation programme.

Following the Mental Health Review, which recommended changes in pharmaceutical services to the Mental Health service, the specially trained Pharmacist implemented many improvements. This resulted in many improvements to medicines administration, depot injections for patients in the community and ‘weekend leave’ medicines for patients from KGV Hospital.

Mental Services continues to benefit from regular monthly visits by this pharmacist. He attends doctors’ ward rounds, multi-disciplinary meetings and patient work groups.

The department has also been able to extend pharmaceutical services within St Bernard’s Hospital with the employment of an extra clinical pharmacist in May 2011.

There are now daily visits by pharmacist to the acute wards providing valuable pharmaceutical advice to both health colleagues and patients.