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Information Management & Technology

The GHA’s Information Management & Technology (IM&T) department provides systems and technologies for both clinical and management environments. The future plan is based on a computerized health information system that holds all the patients’ data sets and enables the GHA to manage the clinical processes and outcomes, deliver the expected Healthcare improvements and enhance financial control.

The department operates networks and services of around 160 servers and almost 900 PCs and continues to provide systems to manage various clinical requirements for monitoring or managing patients or specific clinical initiatives including the Pathology, Radiology and CCU Network.

The department set up continuous real-time monitoring of the entire network that runs across five sites to support clinical and management needs. The systems are monitored 24/7, generating warnings to the helpdesk and duty engineer so that problems are resolved, sometimes even before the user is aware of them.

The IMT helpdesk continues to handle an average of 600-700 support calls per month.

IM&T staff members are on a constant programme of Continuing Professional Development to remain up to date with the latest technological developments and standards.